What's NEW in Bitdefender 2017

What's NEW in Bitdefender 2017

What's NEW in Bitdefender 2017


Bitdefender 2017 Offline Installers
Download Bitdefender Total Security 2017 Offline Setup files / Offline Installers


What's NEW in Bitdefender 2017


Ransomware Protection for Windows:

 Anti-Ransomware now comes with even faster detection, and we’ve added notifications so you are always up-to-date. Plus, all our users get near-instant protection every time we discover a new type of ransomware anywhere in the world.
Whenever any suspicious pattern of activity emerges on an endpoint, samples are sent to Bitdefender cloud. The sample is automatically analyzed in the cloud and if it’s found to be ransomware, a signature is generated and pushed in less than 30 minutes.

After the signatures gets pushed, propagation takes approximately 3 hours to get on all endpoints via product update.

To minimize the propagation windows, a similarity hash will be calculated for locally executed files and compared to the cloud. If there’s a match with a sample that’s already been tagged as ransomware, but has not yet been delivered to endpoints via update (if it’s still in the 3-hour timeframe), it will automatically be blocked from executing. This will offer the best minimum reaction time. 

Ransomware protection for Android

Important files are not kept only on laptops or used only in secure locations. Ransomware targets Android phones just as easy as malware does, and blocks you from accessing your device altogether. To prevent that, we’re monitoring all suspicious patterns that these types of attack use to lock you out of your phone and use our cloud detection technologies to block them.

 ----Wi-Fi Security Advisor----

When you’re on the go and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots such as those in cafes, airports, parks or shopping malls, how do you know they’re safe? Wi-Fi Security Advisor scans the networks you connect to for any security holes that might put you at risk, and then recommends the best action to protect your device and your privacy.

---System TuneUp with Disk CleanUp---
Bitdefender is more than a security solution. We want to help you have the best possible experience when you use your device, so we’ve got some powerful tools that help you optimize your system. For the first time ever, TuneUp includes Disk CleanUp, so you can easily get rid of all the clutter and have your computer run like new.
---Remote Management---
Bitdefender Central has a new dashboard and a streamlined interface so you can more easily control your cyber-security.

                    ---NEW Bitdefender Web Central---
Activity dashboard
Remote Startup optimizer 

Bitdefender 2017 Product Comparison

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