How to clear and delete browsing history Automatically and Manually in Google Chrome

How to Delete Google Chrome Search history Automatically and Manually
For your privacy and security reasons, you should clear your history, cookies, and site data.
For safety reasons, you should clear the history [giving a laptop or mobile to your family or friends without clearing the browser history makes you feel awkward sometimes].
How to Clear Google Chrome Search history Manually
Go to: Settings---Privacy and Security---Clear browsing data---Advanced---Time range [All time]---Clear data
How to Clear and Delete Google Chrome Cookies and Site Data Automatically on Exit:
Go to: Settings---Privacy and Security---Site Settings---Cookies and Site data---[Enable clear cookies and site data when you quit chrome]
How do I Automatically delete browsing history in Google Chrome on Exit using Extension:
How to set google chrome to delete history on exit
Download Chrome Extension:
Add to chrome---Click on Auto History Wipe Icon---Options---Checkmark options which to clear.
Note: If there is a problem with the extension's history cleaning, you should disable sync. Sync will automatically sync your history and data to your browser.
Note: Without an extension, you can't clear history automatically in Chrome on exit, which you can in other browsers.

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