16 Apr 2020

How to Update your Device Drivers in Windows 10 Automatically [ Safely ]

How to Update your Device Drivers in Windows 10 Automatically [ Safely ]

How do I automatically update Device Drivers in my Laptop and PC 
How to update device drivers in windows 10 automatically without any third party software tools [Safely]
Updating Device Drivers makes your PC or laptop work smoothly, when your system has some lags and software issues.
Step 1#
Windows 10 has inbuilt updating feature, which updates your O.S and Microsoft Products [Ms Office]
It will also update your Device Drivers through Microsoft Partners using Optional Updates Feature.
Step 2#
How to Update your Graphic Drivers Automatically
  • Mostly Graphics Cards vendors are Intel, NVIDIA, AMD
  • You can update Graphics Device Drivers automatically through vendors software tools.




Step 3#

How to Update your PC Device Drivers for Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer Asus, MSI, and many more: [You can search in google]
Note: If you want any links of other brands, comment me.
Download Dell Drivers Automatically:
Download Lenovo Drivers Automatically:
Download HP Drivers Automatically:
Download Acer Drivers Automatically:
Download Asus Drivers Automatically:
Download MSI Drivers Automatically:
Method 2#
How to update Device Drivers through Device Manager [If there is Driver issue or driver is corrupted]
  • Go search option and type  devmgmt.msc
  • Expand any driver and right click and update driver
  • It will automatically search for new drivers
TIP: How to solve or troubleshoot my device driver issue in windows 10 [You can use this method by uninstalling broken driver and reinstall]

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