How to Update your Device Drivers in Windows 10, Windows 11 Automatically [ Safely ]

How do I automatically update Device Drivers on my Laptop and PC 
How to update device drivers in Windows 10, Windows 11 automatically without any third-party software tools [Safely]
Updating device drivers make your PC or laptop work smoothly when your system has some lags and software issues.
Windows 10 has an inbuilt updating feature that automatically updates your O.S. and Microsoft products [Ms Office].
It will also update your device drivers through Microsoft Partners using the Optional Updates feature.
How to Update your Graphics Drivers Automatically
Mostly Graphics Cards vendors are Intel, NVIDIA, AMD.
You can update Graphics Device Drivers automatically through the vendor's software tools.
How to Update your PC Device Drivers for Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer Asus, MSI, and many more: [You can search in google]
Download Dell Drivers Automatically:
Download Lenovo Drivers Automatically:
Download HP Drivers Automatically:
Download Acer Drivers Automatically:
Download Asus Drivers Automatically:
Download MSI Drivers Automatically:
How to Update Device Drivers through Device Manager [If there is a Driver issue or driver is corrupted]
  • Go search option and type devmgmt.msc
  • Expand any driver and right click and update the driver
  • It will automatically search for new drivers
TIP: How to solve or troubleshoot my device driver issue in windows 10 [You can use this method by uninstalling the broken driver and reinstalling]

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