2 May 2020

ESET Mobile Security 2020 For Android Free For 1 Year 365 Days [Trick]

ESET Mobile Security 2020 For Android Free For 1 Year 365 Days [Trick]

ESET Mobile Security 2020 Free For 1 Year 365 Days [Refer a Friend Method]
ESET Mobile Security Premium 2020 Features:
Powerful Antivirus ADVANCED
Secures your device against cybersecurity issues, including ransomware attacks.
Protects the apps from unauthorized access by using a PIN or a fingerprint.
Proactive Anti-Theft PREMIUM
Locks a device against unknown SIM and helps you find your missing phone.

How to get ESET Mobile Security for Android Free For 1 Year:
Step#1: [Method #1]
  • Click on refer a friend and share your referral code to your friends or family [One referral = 1 Month Extra Premium]
Step#2: [Method #2]
  • Download ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus 2020 from Play store:
  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eset.ems2.gp
  • Follow the steps shown in below images
Note: You can also click some ware else on screen to get manual entry of your email address
  • Note:[Trick] You should enter manual email address for simplifying the process
  • Install and activate your 30 Days trial period
  • Go to redeem code option and redeem your own referral code
  • Repeat all this steps again by uninstalling and installing up to 12 times
  • If you don't have enough friends, refer your own code by installing ESET Mobile Security multiple times [installing and uninstalling] using different emails
  • Lastly you can get up to 390 Days of ESET Mobile Security
Compare Free Version and Premium Version:

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