29 Sept 2020

How to make a Clean install of Windows 10 for Dell Laptop and PC [Legacy Mode]

How to make a Clean install of Windows 10 for Dell Laptop and PC [Legacy Mode]

How to make a clean install of windows 10 for dell UEFI Enabled Laptop and PC [Legacy Mode]
Legacy Mode: It's an old BIOS Legacy Boot Process to install Windows 10 [It's one of easy method to install OS]
Clean Install of Windows 10 for Dell XPS, Inspiron, Alienware Laptop's and PC's: [Legacy Mode]
Restart your Laptop or PC and Press F2 until System Setup or BIOS appears
Got to Secure Boot----Secure Boot Enable [Checkmark disabled Option] and Apply
Go to Security----PTT Security----Uncheck PPT on
Go to General----Advanced Boot Options----and Checkmark Enable Legacy Options ROMs---Apply
Go to General----Boot Sequence----Boot list option and Checkmark on Legacy----Apply-OK
After finishing installation of windows 10, again 
Go to System Configuration...Integrated NIC and uncheck the Enable UEFI Network Stack Option and Apply-OK
After Exiting from Boot setup, press F12 until windows 10 setup boots up
Install Windows 10 now.....Finish
After finishing windows 10 install, again go to BIOS Setup and Click on Restore Settings to BIOS Settings or Factory Settings to be in UEFI Mode [Because every laptop or pc should be in UEFI Mode only for security reasons]
NOTE: Try Legacy Boot method only if UEFI Boot method feels difficult to you.

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