11 Oct 2021

Norton Antivirus Plus 2021 Free For 3 Months 90 Days Trial

Norton Antivirus Plus 2021 Free For 3 Months 90 Days Trial

 Norton Antivirus Plus 2021 Free For 3 Months 90 Days Trial [5 Devices]
Norton Antivirus Plus 2021 Features:
  • Real time AI Antivurus
  • SONAR Protection
  • Heuristic Protection
  • Data Protecter
  • Script Control
  • Firewall with Wi-Fi Security
  • Browser Protection
  • Program Control with Advanced settings
  • Anti-Spam
  • Exploit Prevention
  • Password Manager
How to get Norton Antivirus Plus Free For 90 Days:
Norton Antivirus Free For 90 Days Trial
  • Download Norton Security Deluxe 90 days trial [OEM] Version:
  • http://buy-download.norton.com/downloads/OEM/22.5.2/NSD/5D/NSD_5D_22.5.2_SYMTB_PROMO_19_MRFTT_DD026_14248.exe
// Alert Note: //
This Promo Version of Norton Security Deluxe is same as Norton Antivirus Plus and with better firewall Features.
  • Install Downloaded version
  • Restart
  • Update Norton (only once) by clicking on Liveupdate

  • Update will be around 250MB
  • Restart
  • We said to update, because it can't connect to Norton server to create norton account
Step 4#:
  • Create Norton Account, within the app

Step 5#:
  • Download Latest Norton Security Deluxe 2021 from:
  • http://www.norton.com/latestns
  • Install the downloaded version and it will upgrade from old version to Newer Version
Step 6#:
  • Restart
  • After restarting Norton shows fix now
  • Update again from Liveupdate

Step 7#:
  • Restart
  • Finish
Step 8#:
  • Setup Internet Security
  • Install Norton Safe Web (only)
Step 9#:
  • Finally you got 90 days subscription for Norton Security Deluxe 2021 Antivirus for free.
  • Norton Security Deluxe [Latest version]
Norton Antivirus RAM usage and Norton Services running in windows:

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