What's New in F-Secure Safe 2021 (18.2)

What's New in F-Secure Safe 2021 (18.2)
F-Secure Safe 2021 (18.2) Features:
  • New UI with .NET Technology
  • Tamper Protection
  • Improved Cloud Antivirus Scan
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Remote Access Protection
  • Browser and Banking Protection
  • Gaming Mode
  • Windows 11 Support
  • Dark Mode Support
  • People and Devices View
  • Performance Improvements and Bug fixes
What's New in F-Secure Safe 2021 (18.2)
Download F-Secure SAFE 2021 (18.2)
F-Secure Safe 2021 (18.2) New Interface Overview UI:
The main interface was developed with.NET Technology to reduce the resources of your system when the UI is open.
Dark Mode: It will automatically switch to dark mode when your system switches to dark mode.
F-Secure Safe Scan Results:
A quick scan takes just 1-2 minutes.
A full scan takes about 10 minutes.
Repeating the Full Scan takes only 1-3 minutes.
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