Avast Mobile Security 2022 Review + Download Avast Mobile Security 2022 For Free

Avast Mobile Security 2022 Review + How to Install and Configure Avast Mobile Security on Android Devices
Download Avast Mobile Security For Free [Free Version]
#Overview of the Avast Mobile Security GUI:
How to Setup Avast Mobile Security on Android Devices
#Configuring Avast Free Plan:
First, try Free Version and make your decision after some days, whether it's worthy or not for you.
Note: It is worth noting that advertisements are displayed in the free plan.
After you are satisfied, buy Avast at a discounted price.
>>Begin with a Scan<<
First, scan your mobile device with Avast to see if there is any malware.
Avast asks for permission to allow Avast to access media files on your devices to scan for malware.
A Security tip for Browsers:
As a result, always use Secure HTTPS connections and always enable secure connections in browsers. We showed Google Chrome below.
By default, it is turned off.
>>Setup Avast Web-shield<<
Now set up Web protection for your device, so-called "Safe Browsing" (Anti-Phishing and Anti Malware) protection.
Go to Settings and enable Web Shield. It is turned off by default.
After the scan finishes, Avast asks you to enable Web Shield.
>>Setup Anti-Theft<<
Create a PIN code and give avast some permission to activate Anti-Theft protection to your device.
You can create an Avast account so you can manage your mobile device if you lose it.
Avast Mobile Security Review
#Avast Mobile Security Protection Overview:
  • Avast Mobile Security provides protection for installed Apps, File Shield, Web Shield, and PUP detection.
  • It has an Automatic Scan Feature; it's like a scheduled scan. [Paid Version only]
  • AV-TEST announced Avast Mobile Security Protection results for the year 2021 as 99.3%
#Avast Mobile Security Web Protection [Safe Browsing] Protection Overview:
  • Avast Provides Safe Browsing (Anti-Phishing & Anti Malware) protection.
  • So we tried a fraud website, and Avast block it as malware
  • Avast Mobile Security provides Safe Browsing for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
  • AV-TEST announced Avast Mobile Security web Protection results for the year 2021 as 99% above
#Avast Mobile Security App Insights[Privacy Advisor]:
It acts like a privacy feature that monitors apps' data and usage and also shows apps' permissions to use call history, camera, storage, contacts, location, messages, and microphone.
#Avast Mobile Security Anti-Theft Feature:
Except for Pin Security [which locks your device after 8 failed attempts], Avast Free Version has the majority of features.Camera Snap Feature, which is available only in the paid version.
#Avast Mobile Security Extra Features:
Automatic Scan, App Lock, Anti-Theft, Photo Vault, Hack Alerts [monitor your leaked emails and passwords], Clean Junk, and Boost RAM tools.
  • The majority of the useful features of paid versions are available in free versions.
  • The free version provides file and web protection and some anti-theft features which the pro version also does.
  • "Photo vault feature."
  • Ads in the free version
  • Safe browsing, It only supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
  • If you are a user who mistakenly or unexpectedly visits websites and clicks on any content that has unwanted pop-ups or script-based scam pop-ups, Avast blocks 30% of them.

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