Bitdefender Mobile Security 2022 Review + Download Bitdefender Mobile Security 2022 For Free

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2022 Review + How to Install and Configure Bitdefender Mobile Security on Android Devices:
Download Bitdefender Mobile Security For Free
#Overview of the Bitdefender Mobile Security GUI:
How to Install and Configure Bitdefender Mobile Security on Android Devices
#Configuring Bitdefender Premium Plan:
Note: In Free Version, there is only a malware scan feature.
So there is a Bitdefender Total Security Giveaway for 6 Months and for 90 Days. 
After you are satisfied, buy Bitdefender at a discount price.
>>Begin with a Scan<<
Bitdefender recommends you scan your device for any malware and give storage access with appropriate permissions.
Bitdefender Malware scans your device for malware, looking for ransomware, PUA, adware, coin-miners, and suspicious apps.
A Privacy Tip for Browsers:
Always use secure HTTPS connections, so make sure to enable and use secure connections in your browsers. We showed Google Chrome below.
By default, it is turned off.
>>Begin with Web Protection<<
Bitdefender promotes you to activate Web Protection, go to Accessibility, and turn on Bitdefender.
>>Next Scam Alert and Anti-Theft Features<<
If you want Protection from scam messages, enable the Scam alert feature
>Activate Anti-Theft Features
Activate the Anti-Theft feature, give location access permissions, and grant admin privileges to work on all anti-theft features.
Bitdefender Mobile Security 2022 Review
#Bitdefender Mobile Security Protection Overview:
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security Malware Protection [Malware Scanner]
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security scans for any malware on your device and scans installed apps for ransomware, PUA, adware, and coin-miners.
  • AV-TEST announced Bitdefender Mobile Security Protection results for the year 2021 as 99.9
#Bitdefender Mobile Security Web Protection [Safe Browsing] Overview:
  • Bitdefender provides "Safe Browsing" (Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware) protection.
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security provides Safe Browsing for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Firefox, Opera, and Samsung Browser.
  • AV-TEST announced Bitdefender Mobile Security web Protection results for the year 2021 as 99% above.
#Bitdefeder Mobile Security Anti-Theft Feature:
  • Create a Bitdefender Central account to monitor your lost device and lock or wipe your data on it.
  • It has a remote location feature to locate the exact location of your lost device.
  • It has a camera snap photo feature that takes selfie photos after 3 failed login attempts on your device.
#Bitdefender Mobile Security Extra Features:
  • Scam Alert: [Check your phone for texts and notifications]
  • Account Privacy: [Checks your emails to see if there has been a data breach]
  • App Lock: Protect your privacy by locking your apps.
  • VPN: 200MB/DAY
  • Best Web Protection [Anti-Phishing] Protection
  • It blocks untrusty HTTP pop-up connections and risky websites.
  • Anti-Phishing Protection works on most browsers.
  • Best Anti-Theft Features
  • It has a Scam Alert feature that scans your texts and notifications for any scam links.
  • The Bitdefender Free Version only includes a malware scanner, no web security, and no anti-theft protection.
  • No Automatic Scan [Scheduled Scan]
  • No Privacy Advisor [which shows you what apps have what permissions of access]
  • If you are a user who mistakenly or unexpectedly visits websites and clicks on any content that has unwanted pop-ups or script-based scam pop-ups, Bitdefender blocks 50% of them.

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