Kaspersky Mobile Security 2022 Review + Download Kaspersky Mobile Security 2022 For Free

Kaspersky Mobile Security 2022 Review + How to Install and Configure Kaspersky Mobile Security on Android Devices
Download Kaspersky Mobile Security For Free
#Overview of the Kaspersky Mobile Security GUI:
How to Setup Kaspersky Mobile Security on Android Devices
#Configuring Kaspersky Premium Plan:
Create a Kaspersky Account to use the Free Plan.
Note: In the free version, there is only a malware scan feature and no safe browsing option. As a result, you can get a free 90-day trial of Kaspersky Mobile Security.
After you are satisfied, buy Kaspersky at a discount price.
Starting with Premium Plan
>>Start with a Scan<<
Give storage permission to Kaspersky and begin with a scan for any malware apps or files.
A Security tip for Browsers:
As a result, always use Secure HTTPS connections and always enable secure connections in browsers. We showed Google Chrome below.
By default, it is turned off.
>>Setup Web Protection<<
Enable safe browsing for supported browsers by giving accessibility permission.
Turn on checking in-apps links also.
>>Setup Anti-Theft<<
Turn on the anti-theft feature, also known as "Where is my device?"
Allow all access. That's what Kaspersky promotes you to do.
Create a Kaspersky Account to use all the features.
Give admin rights to Kaspersky to perform lock, erase, and monitor your device in case it gets lost.
Turn on SIM lock and uninstallation protection features, if you want.
Kaspersky Mobile Security 2022 Review
#Kaspersky Mobile Security Protection Overview:
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security has Automatic Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Network system [Malware Scanner]
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security scans for any unwanted apps, auto-dialers, or adware detection features.
  • There is also a Scheduled Scan for Automatic Scans.
  • AV-TEST announced Kaspersky Mobile Security Protection results for the year 2021 as 99.9%
#Kaspersky Mobile Security Web Protection [Safe Browsing] Overview:
Kaspersky Provides Safe Browsing (Anti-Phishing & Anti Malware) protection.
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security provides Safe Browsing for Google Chrome and Samsung Browser.
  • AV-TEST announced Kaspersky Mobile Security web Protection results for the year 2021 as 99% above
#Kaspersky Mobile Security Anti-Theft Feature:
  • Create a Kaspersky account to monitor your lost device and lock or erase all of your data on it.
  • It is a feature that allows you to locate the exact location of your lost device and can monitor unlock attempts.
  • If someone tries to open your lock screen, or if failed login attempts are made, then it will take mugshot camera pictures of that person.
#Kaspersky Mobile Security security My Apps [Privacy Advisor]:
  • It acts like a privacy feature that shows you what apps try to have what permissions to access your tracked location, identity info, data, messages, and contacts.
  • Go to My Apps and you will find out more about the permissions of your apps.
#Kaspersky Mobile Security Extra Features:
  • Call Filter
  • Data Leak Checker [checks your mail to see if there is any data breach]
  • App Lock
  • Safe Messaging [Checks links in texts and links in instant message apps]
  • VPN [300MB/DAY]
  • Best Antivirus Protection
  • Best Anti-Phishing Protection
  • It has the best anti-theft features, including camera snap and locking the device when the SIM is removed.
  • It has a safe messaging Feature
  • The Kaspersky Free Version has only the Anti-Virus Scanning Feature; there is no Web Protection or Anti-Theft.
  • Safe Browsing Supports only Google Chrome and Samsung Browser.
  • There are some bolt-ware apps within Kaspersky, like VPN and Password Manager, but they have some limitations.
  • Kaspersky Mobile Web Protection is not as great as it was compared to Windows Kaspersky Internet Security.
  • If you are a user who mistakenly or unexpectedly visits websites and clicks on any content that has unwanted pop-ups or script-based scam pop-ups, sometimes Kaspersky blocks 80–90% of them, and sometimes it blocks 10–20%. I think it was an issue with Kaspersky.

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