AOMEI is celebrating World Backup Day by providing backup software solutions like Backupper and MBackupper Professional for free [Giveaway Promo Offer]

AOMEI Backupper, MBackupper Professional For Free [Giveaway Promo Offer]
  • AOMEI Backupper Professional Features:
It will back up your files, system, partition, and disk backup.
System Backup: Creates an image of the system partition.
Disk Backup: Make a backup of your hard drive to an image file.
Partition Backup: Partitions to an image file.
It has sync features called Basic, Real-Time, Mirror, and Two-Way Sync features.
Basic Sync and Real-Time: Changed files are synced, and changed files are synced in real-time.
Mirror Sync: Keeps files the same in the destination and source directory.
Two-Way Sync: Changes in files are reflected in both the destination and source.
It has a clone feature that will clone your system, disk, or partitions.
System Clone: This feature will clone or migrate your system to a different SSD or HDD.
Disk Clone: This is the process of copying a hard disk to another disk.
Partition Clone: A partition is cloned to another partition.
#Extra Features:
Create Bootable Media
Disk Wipe
Storage Management
Cloud Backup and more...
AOMEI Backupper Professional Giveaway Promo Offer
  • AOMEI MBackupper Professional Features:
Back up your iPhone data like photos, videos, contacts, and messages.
Transfer your files to another iPhone.
If necessary, delete iPhone data.
AOMEI MBackupper Professional  Giveaway Promo Offer
  • AOMEI Data Recovery Assistant for iOS Features:
Recover your lost data from iOS, including contacts, photos, videos, and more.
AOMEI Data Recovery Assistant for iOS Giveaway Promo Offer
  • AOMEI CBackup For Free
It will combine google drive, one drive and dropbox.
It provides 10 GB CBackup Cloud Storage for free
Backup and sync data to cloud
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