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 ESET 2022 Antivirus Review:
A Brief Intro to ESET Antivirus:
ESET is a Slovakian company and was founded in 1987 (ESET was established in 1992). They developed their first NOD32 antivirus in 1987.
In 1992, ESET was established in Slovakia, and from 1998 to 2021, ESET won so many awards for best security software in the business and enterprise categories, and even in Personal Antivirus got good ratings from top magazines at that time.
ESET first received an award from Virus Bulletin, and they have since received several VB Awards. From the years 2011 to 2018, they were well recognized by well-known organizations.
It gained popularity among IT workers in Europe and it expanded faster in the USA.
ESET has more than 100 million users in 200 countries.
In the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, they got the best protection and an overall better score combined.
ESET offers security software for both the home [antivirus with network security] and the business [end point security solutions].
Now we only concentrate on home users.
ESET has security software products like ESET Internet Security, and ESET Smart Security Premium :
Now we are testing the top-end home network, ESET Smart Security Premium.
Download ESET Antivirus For Free:
First: Installation
  • The installation takes less than 1 minute.
Second: Setup or Configuration of ESET
  • There is no need to set up or configure the software in the same way that we did with the Mobile Security Software.We just install and forget.
Third: GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • It's easy to use, but if you tend to configure any things, it will be a bit confusing and even an advanced user may find it harder to configure.
Fourth: Scan [Full Scan]
  • A full scan takes about 17 minutes in battery mode and 6 minutes when plugged in.
Fifth: Performance
RAM and CPU utilization in ESET
RAM ranges from 30-180MB.
CPU = 1 to 5%
ESET Antivirus RAM and CPU Usage in Windows 10
  • The Quick Scan and Full Scan Effect on the System
There is no impact [there are no problems].
A full scan has no effect, but better yet, run a full scan while the computer is idle because it consumes more CPU and RAM resources. It can impact your system's performance a little bit.
  • Impact on Apps, Windows, and Browsing
There is no impact on apps. I have not faced any issues with Windows. No impact on browsing.
Sixth: Antivirus Protection
  • ESET has real-time and machine learning protection with cloud-based protection.
  • ESET LiveGuard [it detects zero-day malware and further new files will be uploaded to be analysed]
  • It has anti-stealth, HIPS, AMSI technology, and a ransomware shield.
  • You can configure aggressive mode for powerful detection (it may result in false detections).
  • AV-TEST announced ESET Antivirus Protection results for the year 2021 as 100%.
  • AV-COMPARATIVES announced ESET Antivirus Protection results for the year 2021 as 99.5%.
Seventh: Web Security [Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware]
  • It has the best firewall with network attack protection and web protection against dangerous websites, phishing scams, and protects browsers from running malicious scripts on infected websites.
  • It has powerful web access, an email client, anti-phishing, and banking protection along with SSL/TLS protocol filtering.
Eighth: Extra Features
Password Manager
Secure Data (Creates Encrypted Virtual Drive)
Parental Control
Last: Uninstallation
The uninstall of ESET takes less than 1 minute.
  • The Most Valuable Antivirus Protection
  • Worthy Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware Web Protection.
  • Anti-Phishing Protection prevents untrustworthy HTTP and HTTPS pop-up connections to fraudulent and risky websites.
  • It blocks more fraud and malicious software. But it may lead to some false positives [if you set the malware protection to aggressive].
PcsoftMag tested results are shown below.
  • Web Protection [blocks 98% of malware threats, phishing websites, and websites with injected malicious scripts].
  • It blocks about 97% of unwanted websites, adware, malicious ads, and scam pop-ups from running in the background when we accidentally click on any green button, like trick buttons, or in any space around infected websites.
  • It blocks about 95% of fake websites.
NOTE: We are providing a website that provides some links to databases of fraud websites. Try testing your antivirus software.
  • If you want to configure anything, there will be some confusion and it will take some time to understand, even for advanced users.
  • No application control
  • In comparison to other antivirus programs, there have been no design changes for so many years.
NOTE: Every antivirus has some issues. If you want to see what other users are facing, visit their forum.

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